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Welcome to the BBAC

The British Balloon and Airship Club exists to promote the discipline of lighter-than-air flight: Hot Air Ballooning, Gas Ballooning, and Airship flying. Founded in 1965, the club is active in looking after the interests of its members, and has representation on most of the General Aviation Committees.

This is the first port of call for anyone interested in Hot Air Ballooning, whether as an existing pilot, an aspiring pilot, or someone with a general interest in ballooning as spectator or crew. The British Balloon and Airship Club also organises and promotes competitive and international ballooning.

BBAC President, Anthony Smith 1926–2014

Anthony Smith

It is with great sadness that the BBAC Main Committee announces the death of its President, Anthony Smith. An extraordinary and charming man who has had more adventures in his life than most of us have had balloon flights, he said it was 'adventuring by mistake'.

"Whether too far underground, at ground level, or much too high above the ground by Tiger Moth (in 1944) and then redundancy (and villainy) for three long years by WW2 truck (looking for blind cave fish in Iran, and finding a new species), by pick-up Chevrolet all over British West Africa (selling 'Drum', the continent's first African magazine), by motorbike from Cape to Cairo (and Cairo to Cape with a son 28 years later), by balloon (over the Alps, Africa's game parks, U.S.A. etc.), and being Britain's first post-war balloonist, by airship (for Chitty Chitty Bang Bang, and later for oneself) by home-made steam-boat (down 2,000 miles of an Amazonian river) by home-made raft (across the Atlantic for 3,000 miles when aged 84), I never sought out danger. Instead it just came my way."

A memorial service is planned in the Autumn. He will be greatly missed by many balloonists worldwide.