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Founded in 1965, the BBAC is a volunteer-based organisation which exists to promote the safety, enjoyment and advancement of lighter-than-air flight in all its forms - hot-air ballooning, gas ballooning and airships.

The Club is very active in looking after the interests of its members by representing them in discussions with official organisations including the Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) and the international air sports governing bodies such as the FAI and CIA.

Through its team of approved instructors and examiners the BBAC oversees the training of pilots, as well as offering a Crew Training Scheme with recognised qualifications. By promoting competitive ballooning, nationally and internationally, the Club has nurtured many championship-level pilots and its Pilot Achievement Scheme has encouraged many more to extend their flying skills.

The Club is the property of British Balloon and Airship Club Limited, which is limited by guarantee. This ensures that the club runs according to company law and gives the membership limited liability.