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Aerostat Cover Feb 05

Aerostat Magazine

Aerostat is the official journal of the BBAC; the only magazine of its type to cover UK, Europe and beyond. It is bi-monthly and has 52 glossy full colour pages packed full of news, equipment reviews, adventures, competitions, stunning photographs, items for sale and listings that tell you where to see balloon meets and festivals in the UK and abroad.

To receive it you have to be a member of the BBAC - see Membership Benefits for information about how to join and a printable membership form.

To contact the editor or to advertise in Aerostat:
Richard Wiles
Editor & Advertising Manager
Tel: +44 (0)7941 146208

To subscribe to Aerostat see Membership Benefits.

If you are a member and have not received your last Aerostat magazine please contact the Aerostat Editor .


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October 2004
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August 2004
August 2004 - Click Here to EnlargeAugust 2004 - Click Here to Enlarge

June 2004
June 2004 - Click Here to EnlargeJune 2004 - Click Here to Enlarge

April 2004
April 2004 - Click Here to EnlargeApril 2004 - Click Here to Enlarge

February 2004
February 2004 - Click Here to EnlargeFebruary 2004 - Click Here to Enlarge