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Membership is open to anyone interested in lighter than air flight. Membership Benefits include:
  • Six copies of the club magazine Aerostat a year giving details of where to find local contacts and balloon meets.
  • "Pilots' Circular" - a free monthly email newsletter containing information specific to pilots and balloon owners - technical developments, airspace changes, and other important updates.
  • Access to BBAC national sensitive area information.
  • Access to the BBAC Pilot Achievement Scheme.
  • Access to the BBAC Crew Training Programme.
  • Advice and support on dealing with all regulatory bodies.
  • Entitlement to use the BBAC CAA Permissions & Exemptions relating to congested areas & competition markers.

To become a member

Join the BBAC by using our online membership application system and pay with your credit or debit card using our secure online payment facility!


Print and fill in a copy of the membership form (also available as a "doc" file)

For more information...

regarding membership, email the membership secretary: