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Bristol Fiesta 2003

Upcoming Balloon Events

Balloon events from major festivals of 100 balloons to small gatherings of a dozen or so are held throughout the country during the year. These events usually feature, weather permitting, mass ascents morning and evening. Those open to the public often offer a nightglow 'spectacular'.

To enjoy viewing the balloons at the events, here are some useful tips...

  • Do take a camera
  • Do wear layers of clothes it is often quite cool in the early mornings in the UK
  • Do wear flat and comfy shoes or boots
  • Do go early (often balloons take off at about 7AM & 6PM in the UK Summer time)
  • Do buy a programme and spot the different balloons in the guide pages, see Balloon Spotting.
  • Do bring something to do during the day (if there are not organised events for the public...)
  • Do smile and wave to the balloonists
  • Do watch a local weather report and if it is going to be very windy or there are gales, fog, thunder and lightening then do something else!
  • Do take a picnic or snacks...
  • Do park vehicles considerately with access and thoroughfares kept clear, when watching balloons anywhere...
  • Do bring the family, balloon events are often aimed at the whole family with fun shows, trade stands and events during the day in between the balloon flight times

The BBAC does not maintain a list of balloon events, but you could try the following sites (all links open in a new window; the BBAC cannot be held responsible for the content or accuracy of external sites)

Sadly, recent rule changes from the CAA mean that it is far more difficult to organise a balloon meeting to which the public are invited. Therefore many events are only open to members of the organising club. Why not join your local club and find out about these events?

Try the following sites for information on Hot-Air balloon meetings, where you can dream of all those exotic meets you can't afford the time or money to go to.

If you would like your events calendar linked from this page, please contact the webmaster using our Contact Form and select "Website Issues".