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 Final Results

1st: Landed Richard Parry 321.47 km
2nd: Landed Dominic Bareford 319.98 km
3rd: Landed Andrew Holly 283.70 km
4th: Landed Marcus Green 279.90 km
5th: Landed Richard Penny 253.79 km
6th: Landed Andy Collett 253.55 km
7th: Landed Colin Butter 235.04 km
8th: Landed Deborah Day 232.96 km
9th: Landed Rob Bayly 150.57 km
10th: Landed John Rose 134.40 km
11th: Landed Allie Dunnington 124.04 km
12th: Landed Nick Bland 112.29 km
13th: Landed Chris Wood 60.47 km


Green Marker   These markers show launch positions for team 23.
 Red Marker   These show where the balloon landed
 Red/Green Marker   These show where the balloon landed and took off again
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