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The BBAC wishes all the competitors the best of luck!

Dominic Bareford

Balloon - G-CDGF, Ultramagic S-105
Dominic Bareford G-CDGF

Rob Bayly

Balloon – G-SBIZ, Cameron Z-90
Rob Bayly G-SBIZ

Nick Bland

Balloon – G-BWSB Lindstrand A105
Nick Bland G-BWSB

Colin Butter

Balloon – G-LOBO Cameron O-120
Colin Butter G-LOBO

Andrew Collett

Balloon – G-OCTS, Cameron Z-90
Andrew Collett G-OCTS

Deborah Day

Balloon – G-BWDH Cameron N-105
Deborah Day G-BWDH

Allie Dunnington

Balloon - G-BPGD, Cameron V-65
Almut Dunnington G-CEFS

Marcus Green

Balloon – G-CEUL Ultramagic M-105
Marcus Green G-CEUL

Andrew Holly

Balloon – G-FMGB, Cameron Z90
Cheezy Derek G-FMGB

Richard Parry

Balloon – G-KEWT, Ultramagic M-90
Richard Parry G-KEWT

Richard Penney

Balloon – EC-LUH, Ultramagic M105
Richard Penney EC-LUH

John Rose

Balloon – G-TRIG, Cameron Z90
John Rose G-TRIG

Chris Wood

Balloon – G-BXJG, Lindstrand 105B
Chris Wood G-BXJG

Fiesta Pilots

The Queen's Cup Committee welcomes the following Fiesta Pilots:
  • David Bareford
  • Simon Whatley
  • Simon Wrighton