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The Adams Sparks Trophy


Mike Adams and Mike Sparks were both killed in a balloon accident involving G-BCCG "Clark Lift" in Saltby, Birmingham on the 8th October 1974. Their death shocked the close-knit ballooning community and deprived it of two men of great promise, remembered for their warmth, enthusiasm and humour as well as for their achievements. Mike Adams was a gas Balloonmiester and a successful hot air balloon competitor. Mike Sparks was a keen amateur filmmaker and made two films about ballooning.

After the BBAC AGM in 1975 it was decided to introduce a trophy to commemorate Mike Adams and Mike Sparks. It was to be awarded annually to the "Pilot of the Year" who, between consecutive AGM's, had given the most convincing demonstration of flying skill.


1975	Instigation of award
1976	Terry Adams
1977	Not awarded
1978	Not awarded
1979	Not awarded
1980	Simon Faithfull
1981	Not awarded
1982	David Bareford
1983	Not awarded
1984	Crispin Williams
1985	Vic Thorne
1986	Crispin Williams
1987	Not awarded
1988	Karen Coombes & Maria Roche
1989	Lindsay Muir
1990	Lindsay Muir
1991	Per Lindstrand
1992	Lindsay Muir
1993	Julia Dean
1994	Emma Williams
1995	Mark Shemilt
1996	Lindsay Muir
1997	David Bareford
1998	David Bareford
1999	Brian Jones
2000	Steve Rowlands
2001	John Christopher
2002	David Bareford
2003	David Bareford
2004	Rob Franklin
2005	David Hempleman-Adams
2006	Janet Folkes
2007	David Hempleman-Adams & John Mason
2008	Mike Scholes
2011	Phil Dunnington
2012    Janet Folkes
2013    Chris Wood & John Rose
2014    Debbie Day
2015    Dominic Bareford