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The Royal Aero Club Bronze Medal

The gold, silver and bronze medals are awarded annually for outstanding achievement in aviation

Recipients of this award in the field of ballooning are:

1921 Henry Spencer
1972 Don Cameron
1972 Roger Monks
1974 Joe Philp
1975 Peter Langford
1976 Julian Nott
1977 Geoff Green
1982 Philip Hutchins
1993 Lindsay Muir
2002 Luc Trullemans

Luc Trullemans has established a reputation as the most successful meteorologist for long-distance balloon flights. His successes include several competitive and World Record flights, including Breitling Orbiter 3 and Steve Fossett's Round-the-World missions, and David Hempleman-Adams's flight over the North Pole.
2005 Kevin Stass

Kevin Stass has played a major role as a volunteer working in the organisation of many balloon record flights. He started helping Richard Branson and Per Lindstrand in 1995 and was involved in their round-the-World attempts. He then worked for Steve Fossett with his record attempts, including his solo round the World flight. In 2003 he supported David Hempleman-Adams with several flights, culminating in the successful transatlantic flight in an open wicker basket. He was responsible for obtaining all of the advance clearances for the flights, liaising with ATC and Search and Rescue, and manning the ground control centre during the flights.
2006 Mike Scholes

Mike Scholes has been flying hot air balloons for nearly 20 years. He now has a commercial balloon rides organisation and instructs new pilots. He has taken part in several competitions. In 2006, he made two notable flights in a small balloon and using a sack instead of a basket to save weight. He ascended to 31,976 feet, qualifying for a BBAC Diamond badge. Later he made a cross-country flight from Cambridge to Shropshire in 23 hours to establish a new British duration record.
2006 Nigel Tasker

Nigel Tasker was one of the first balloon pilots when the sport revived in the 1970's. His main contribution has been on organising competitions and defining rules. The rules he introduced for the 1977 World Championships were adopted by FAI and have been used ever since. He went on to direct the UK national championships for 12 years, and after 30 years he is still involved as an event official.