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The Brittania Trophy

For the British aviator or aviators accomplishing the most meritorious performance in the field of aviation in the previous year.

Recipients of this award in the field of ballooning are:

1980 Julian Nott
1987 Per Lindstrand & Richard Branson

Per Lindstrand & Richard Branson become the first pilots to cross the Pacific ocean in a hot air balloon. The pair took off from Miyakonojo, Japan in a hot air balloon and landed 200 miles northeast of Anchorage in Canada. They had flown 6,761 miles in just over 46 hours and set new world distance and duration records.
1992 Don Cameron & Rob Bayly

In 1992 Don Cameron and Rob Bayly competed in the first Transatlantic balloon race. The pair set off from Bangor, Maine (USA) in a Roziere balloon and landed roughly 128 hours later near Monte Real in Portugal.
1997 David Bareford

David Bareford culminated over twenty years of competition in hot air ballooning by becoming British, European and World Champion in 1997, and taking the bronze medal at the World Air Games
1999 Bertrand Piccard & Brian Jones

In March 1999, they flew the Breitling Orbiter 3 to complete the first circumnavigation of the world by a free balloon. They then continued their flight for another four days to establish a record distance of 40814 km and an endurance of nearly 20 days.
2005 David Hempleman-Adams

David Hempleman-Adams set a new World Altitude Record for open-basket hot-air airships in December 2004 with a flight to 21,830 ft. This was preceded by several years of design work, where every component was reduced to minimum weight. The flight was made in Canada with a ground temperature of -10°C and a temperature at altitude of -45°C, which called on his previous experience of cold-weather survival and pushed both the pilot and the aircraft structure and materials to the limit.