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The Charles Green Salver was presented to Charles Green, the most famous British aeronaut of the nineteenth century, by a grateful passenger. The original inscription reads:

"Presented to Mr C Green by his friend Richard Crawshay to commemorate their ascent from the city of Norwich, October 16th 1839."

The balloon illustrated on the salver, and presumably the one in which Mr Crawshay made his flight, was Green's most famous. It was built in 1836 as the Royal Vauxhall balloon and in November of that year made the first long distance flight by flying overnight from the Vauxhall Gardens in London to Nassau in Germany.

To commemorate this feat the balloon was renamed The Great Nassau Balloon and flown by Green for some years afterwards. Another notable flight of this balloon took place on 24th July 1837 when it was used to lift the unfortunate Mr Cocking with his parachute invention before his fatal descent. Green made more than 500 ascents in his career, his last being in 1852. He died in 1870 at the age of ninety-five.

The salver had passed by bequest into the hands of the Royal Aero Club which was formed in September 1901. In the mid 1980s it was about to be declared part of its surplus silverware and sold to raise funds. Don Cameron was the BBAC representative at the Royal Aero Club at that time, and proposed that it would be much better used as a trophy for ballooning achievement. The RaeC Council agreed and sold it for £1,000 (less than half its true value) to the BBAC.

The Green Salver has been the premier award of the BBAC since then and is given only for exceptional flying achievements or services to ballooning. Recipients have been:

1988 Per Lindstrand and Richard Branson
First Atlantic crossing by Hot air Balloon
1990 Rodney Whittaker
Creation of, and running for many years, the Flying Committee and the Records & Awards services of the BBAC
1992 Andy Elson
First flight over Mount Everest
1993 Don Cameron and Rob Bayly
Atlantic Balloon race
1998 Andy Elson
Breitling absolute duration record for balloons
1999 Andy Elson and Colin Prescott
Cable and Wireless absolute duration record
Brian Jones and Bertrand Piccard
First Round The World Balloon Flight
(Exceptionally presented twice in one year in 1999)
2001 David Hempleman-Adams
2004 David Hempleman-Adams
2008 David Hempleman-Adams
2009 David Hempleman-Adams & Jonathon Mason
for winning the Coupe Aéronautique Gordon Bennett
2010 Janet Folkes & Ann Rich
for setting a new women's world duration record
2011 David Hempleman-Adams & Simon Carey for their flight in the 2010 Coupe Aéronautique Gordon Bennett
2012 David Hempleman-Adams
2013 not awarded
2015 Dante Group