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The Debbie Warley Trophy - awarded for service to ballooning

Debbie loved ballooning, she died very prematurely in her early 30s, after her struggle against cancer. Prior to her death, she wished to bequeath a prize to British ballooning and the BBAC, to commemorate the happiness and friendship the sport had given her.

The trophy, a beautiful glass prism on a glass plinth, in a hardwood box, is now a treasured item in the BBAC Trophy 'cabinet'

Debbie Warley is pictured here, ballooning (remember in those days there were no such things as flexi-rigid poles, hence the crash helmet, a sensible precaution as the burner might 'bash' you on your head during landing, if you weren't paying attention)

The Trophy is presented, as her request, for service to ballooning to the winner of the nominations.

It is open to any BBAC member to make their nomination to the Records and Awards Committee Chairman, who with the Committee once the nomination is ratified and passed to the BBAC Main Committee, will arrange for it to be presented on behalf of the BBAC by The President at the next BBAC Annual General Meeting.

Debbie will be remembered for her good humour, her infectious laugh, her determination to have fun and The Debbie Warley BBAC Trophy.

Trophy Holders

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