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The BBAC British National Championship Medallists

The British National Hot Air Balloon Championships are organised by the BBAC Competitions Club on behalf of the BBAC.

Full details of competition flying may be found on the Comps Club website, but a list of medallists is reproduced here.

Year 1st 2nd 3rd
1975 Bernard Hockley Dick Wirth Giles Hall
1976 Dick Wirth Tom Donnelly David Barker
1977 Crispin Williams Tom Donnelly Phil Hutchins
1978 Alan Dorman Colin Wolstenholme Chris Kirby
1979 Crispin Williams Tom Donnelly Robin Batchelor
1980 Ian Jacobs Robin Batchelor Dick Wirth
1981 Ian Bridge David Bareford Peter Morgan
1982 Ian Bridge David Bareford Dick Wirth
1984 Crispin Williams Ian Bridge David Bareford
1985 Ad Haarhuis (Netherlands) Ian Bridge Alan Dorman
1986 Tony Pinner Ad Haarhuis (Netherlands) John Coleman
1987 David Bareford Ian Bridge Steve Hollingsworth
1988 Lindsay Muir Jenny Robinson Tony Pinner
1989 David Bareford Neil Gabriel Ian Bridge
1990 David Bareford Neil Gabriel Tony Brown
1991 Ian Bridge Crispin Williams David Bareford
1992 David Bareford Neil Gabriel Ian Bridge
1993 Ian Bridge David Bareford Neil Gabriel
1994 Ian Bridge Thomas Fink (Germany) David Morgan
1995 Crispin Williams David Bareford Colin Brown
1996 Lindsay Muir David Bareford Ray Hunt
1997 David Bareford Colin Brown Crispin Williams
1998 David Bareford Paul Spellward Lindsay Muir
1999 David Bareford Paul Spellward Crispin Williams
2000 Richard Parry (Hong Kong) Crispin Williams Ailsa Spindler
2001 No Championship No Championship No Championship
2002 Mike Howard Paul Spellward Richard Parry
2003 David Bareford Richard Parry Crispin Williams
2004 Mike Howard Crispin Williams David Bareford
2005 Crispin Williams David Bareford Lindsay Muir
2006 Mike Howard David Bareford Neil Gabriel
2007 No Championship No Championship No Championship
2008 Neil Gabriel Andrew Holly Richard Parry
2009 Richard Parry David Bareford Neil Gabriel
2010 Richard Parry Rupert Stanley David Bareford
2011 David Bareford Rupert Stanley Richard Parry
2012 Andrew Holly Dominic Bareford Richard Parry
2013 Andrew Holly David Bareford Richard Parry
2014 Andrew Holly Dominic Bareford Rupert Stanley
2015 Dominic Bareford Crispin Williams Stephanie Bareford