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The Cowburn & Gay Old & Bold Trophy

Established in 1997 and awarded annually to a person aged 65 or over who flies or who has only ceased flying in the previous year, and who has been conspicuously involved in aviation and sport aviation in particular, for their work, initiative, devotion or in other ways.

Recipients of this award in the field of ballooning are:

1998 Gerry Turnbull

Gerry Turnbull was still regularly flying balloons at the age of 81. His involvement started with the RAF at Cardington in the 1940's and he commanded the RAF's balloon flying activity until the 1960's. He regularly flew gas balloons. He was the first British pilot to fly the modern-style hot air balloons and he contributed to the British pre-eminence in this field. He was also a parachutist and commanded the Parachute school at Abingdon. After leaving the RAF, he became a director of GQ Parachute Company. His recent flying has included aerial work with hot-air airships, and sport flying in gas balloons.