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The Royal Aero Club Diploma

Established in 1984 and awarded to those who have served the Royal Aero Club, Sporting Aviation or Aviation in general by their meritorious endeavours.

Recipients of this award in the field of ballooning are:

1999 Breitling Balloon Construction Team at Cameron Balloons
2003 David Hempleman-Adams Support Team
David Hempleman-Adams has made a series of epic balloon flights since 1998. In all of these flights he has been supported by an unpaid volunteer back-up crew who made these missions possible and made a huge contribution to their success. These were David Owen, Bert Padelt, Tim Cole, Lorne White, Steve Phillips, Kevin Stass, Luc Trullemans and David Dehenauw.The flights included the first flight across the Andes, a flight across the North West Passage in the Arctic, a 132 hour flight to the North Pole and back, and in 2003 the first ever trans-Atlantic balloon flight in an open wicker basket.