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The Royal Aero Club Silver Medal

The gold, silver and bronze medals are awarded annually for outstanding achievement in aviation

Recipients of this award in the field of ballooning are:

1910 John D Dunville
1911 Charles F Pollock
1972 Julian Nott
1973 Don Cameron
1978 Philip Clark
1980 Geoff Green
1985 Crispin Williams
1998 Ian Ashpole

Ian has a wide experience of flying, including 300 hours piloting aircraft, 1000 parachute drops and over 2500 hours in Balloons and Airships. He is a member of the BBAC Flying Committee and a CAA Examiner. He has been involved in many balloon experiments and film stunts, including tightrope walking, trapeze and abseiling from balloons, while earning a reputation for safety.
2000 Lindsay Muir

Lindsay established a women's world record for balloons in classes AX-10 to AX-15 with a flight of over 19 hours. The flight started in Kent, then crossed the Channel to France. It was planned to fly through the night but bad weather necessitated a night landing at 0125 near Lisbourg. Lindsay has been ballooning for many years and has an outstanding record in competitions and record-setting.
2005 Janet Folkes

Janet Folkes has been involved in Ballooning for over 20 years, initially flying hot-air balloons and as a competition observer, but more recently flying Roziere and gas balloons. She has established 45 World records, many of which still stand today. In 1995 she set the women's World altitude and British distance and general duration records for AX-2 (cloud-hopper) balloons. In 1998 she set women's World distance, duration and altitude records for a Roziere balloon. In 1999 she set the British general duration and altitude records for a gas balloon. She has competed in several Gordon Bennett and American Challenge gas balloon races, and in 2005 flew 1500 miles from New Mexico to Canada, giving her the British General distance and duration records by a large margin. As well as ballooning she also flies helicopters and hang gliders, and is a sky-diver.